About two weeks ago, I received an email that came to me as a total surprise and took my breath away! American Airlines and Mastercard were putting on a concert with Demi Lovato in Dallas and they wanted me to attend. I think I literally mouthed the words, “wait what!”, I was in total surprise, but was so excited. 
Being an AAdvantage Mastercard holder, I was invited to an exclusive concert and learned about the many other experiences and benefits that the card offers. So obviously, I was interested in experiencing a VIP Demi Lovato concert and having the opportunity to meet the Mastercard and American Airlines teams. I have never been Dallas before, so I figured what better way to see the city than to have a VIP experience. It was a quick trip for me – I was in New York at the time for Fashion Week and popped on over because I obviously wasn’t going to pass up this amazing opportunity. I landed in Dallas and had a hotel room for the night to get comfortable and then the next day was the show! We were granted early access to the venue to celebrate with cocktails and food, where I got to meet and hang out with other American Airlines AAdvantage Mastercard holders in the VIP cardholder lounge until the show started and right before, the moment happened! The Mastercard team asked me if I wanted to meet the one, the only, DEMI LOVATO! I was so unbelievably excited and I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I kept my cool while meeting her and we were able to snap a couple photos together before she had to leave and get ready for her performance.
The House of Blues in Dallas has general admission on the bottom floor and then seating in the mezzanine level. As part of the AAdvantage Mastercard VIP experience, we were given VIP seats in the front of the mezzanine to really see and take in the show. Demi Lovato was so insanely talented; her show was beautiful and she left me wanting to see more.
I opened up an American Airlines AAdvantage Mastercard years ago and I couldn’t believe this came about. I think it is such an amazing thing that they are doing, giving back to their cardholders with experiences that will give them memories to share. This was such an amazing experience and I want to thank Mastercard and American Airlines so much for bringing me to Dallas and making this experience possible for me!