A Day With Dockers

  • Everett Williams
  • Feb 20, 2019

Planning a put together casual outfit has always been a huge favorite of mine, from choosing colors, to fit, to layers, etc. I am always on board for a casual look that is thought out and adds an elevated touch to just your average everyday style. I teamed up with Dockers to style some of my favorite items into a great everyday look for any occasion. Whether out on the weekend, dinner with someone special, or just hanging around, this look is the perfect way to show you thought out what you are wearing as well as give you the great comfort you want.

I love matching earthy and neutral tones together. It is a very easy way to always have a colorway that not only matches, but compliments everything and brings it together. I love the Classic Khaki trousers because they are such a good staple piece to start from and usually always will end in a successful look! The cut and comfort are perfect for any kind of activity you may encounter. Since Spring is on the way, I chose to lighten this neutral-tone look up with the Dockers plain white t-shirt, and to add another touch, I layered their green shirt jacket on top for a more straight and slim silhouette.